Maritime Data Spaces Meetup

How to build a digital ecosystem of the ocean? Introduction into maritime dataspaces - enabler of the Blue Data Economy.

Jann Wendt
Founder & Marispace-X Coordinator

Abstract: A presentation on the transformative power of the Blue Data Ecosystem based on the Marispace-X project and the latest commercial developments. Marispace-X is a €15 million initiative funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economics and Climate Action as part of the Gaia-X ecosystem, which aims to to revolutionise the collection and analysis of data from our oceans. In this keynote, Marispace-X coordinator Jann Wendt will present the bigger picture, focusing on digital innovation and sustainable solutions in marine industries such as offshore wind energy, critical infrastructure and many more. A technical perspective will be given on the complexity of underwater data, cloud-based processing as well as AI-based approaches for new ways of data analytics. It will also look at how a maritime data room is set up and which components are of particular importance.

Find more information in the Marispace-X trailer.

Biography: Jann Wendt is a geoinformatician, founder and entrepreneur from Kiel. At university, he studied the exploration of our Earth from space by satellites and heard for the first time about the overview effect: the realisation of astronauts who see the Earth and all its connections holistically for the first time from a huge distance. Since then, his goal has been to make the complexity of the world visible and understandable. Through his company, he uses technology to address the issues of climate change, energy transition and digital transformation.    To make sense of the sheer size of the land masses and oceans, Jann and his team of 70 employees in Kiel, Germany, have developed a software solution that uses geo-information to make the world understandable. With its SaaS products TrueOcean and TrueEarth, his company creates a new dimension of shared geodata management, analysis and visualisation in the public and private sectors, offshore and in nature conservation.

In addition Jann has initiated numerous projects with the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Action, GEOMAR and the Fraunhofer Institute, among others, focusing on climate change, environmental protection and digital transformation. One of the projects is Marispace-X. Started in 2022 Marispace-X, the largest industry-driven maritime digitalisation project and a driver of digital transformation in the maritime sector in Europe. In the project, Jann and his team are developing a Europe-wide dataspace that enables efficient use of maritime data in the areas of offshore wind, critical infrastructure, Internet of Underwater Things, biological climate protection and munitions in the sea.  

For further information visit, Marispace-X or follow Jann on LinkedIn