Lifetime Impact Award

For outstanding technical achievements and dedicated service in ACM SIGSPATIAL

Hanan Samet
(University of Maryland)

10-Year Impact Award

Annual award given to a regular paper published at our main conference 10 years ago whose value and prescience have become apparent over a long period of time. It is chosen by a committee from our research community.

Crowd Sensing of Traffic Anomalies based on Human Mobility and Social Media
Bei Pan (University of Southern California)
Yu Zheng (Microsoft Research)
David Wilkie (University of North Carolina)
Cyrus Shahabi (University of Southern California)

Best Paper Award

Spatial Knowledge-Infused Hierarchical Learning: An Application in Flood Mapping on Earth Imagery
Zelin Xu (University of Florida)
Tingsong Xiao (University of Florida)
Wenchong He (University of Florida)
Yu Wang (University of Florida)
Zhe Jiang (University of Florida)

Best Paper Runners-Up

UniCellular: An Accurate and Ubiquitous Floor Identification System using Single Cell Tower Information
Sherif Mostafa (The American University in Cairo)
Khaled A. Harras (Carnegie Mellon University)
Moustafa Youssef (The American University in Cairo)

PathletRL: Trajectory Pathlet Dictionary Construction using Reinforcement Learning
Gian Alix (York University)
Manos Papagelis (York University)

Scalable Evaluation of Local K-Function for Radius-Accurate Hotspot Detection in Spatial Networks
Yongyi Liu (University of California, Riverside)
Yunfan Kang (University of California, Riverside)
Amr Magdy (University of California, Riverside)
Ahmed Mahmood (Google LLC.)

Best Poster

One Model Fits All: Cross-Region Taxi-Demand Forecasting
Ren Ozeki (Osaka University)
Haruki Yonekura (Osaka University)
Aidana Baimbetova (Osaka University)
Hamada Rizk (Osaka University)
Hirozumi Yamaguchi (Osaka University)

Best Poster Runner-Up

TrajParquet: A Trajectory-Oriented Column File Format for Mobility Data Lakes
Nikolaos Koutroumanis (University Of Piraeus)
Christos Doulkeridis (University of Piraeus)
Chiara Renso (National Research Council of Italy)
Mirco Nanni (National Research Council of Italy)
Raffaele Perego (National Research Council of Italy)

Best Demo

RapidEarth: A Search Engine for Large-Scale Geospatial Imagery (Demo Paper)
Christian Lülf (University of Münster)
Denis Mayr Lima Martins (University of Münster)
Marcos Antonio Vaz Salles (Independent Researcher)
Yongluan Zhou (University of Copenhagen)
Fabian Gieseke (University of Münster)

Best Demo Runner-Up

Integrating Automated Annotation of Magnetic Prospection Data into GIS Workflows in Archaeology (Demo Paper)
Steffen Strohm (Kiel University)
Finn Witzany (Kiel University)
Christian Beth (Kiel University)
Matthias Renz (Kiel University)

Best Vision Paper

The Geospatial Generalization Problem: When Mobility Isn't Mobile (Vision Track)
Mark Tenzer (Novateur Research Solutions)
Zeeshan Rasheed (Novateur Research Solutions)
Khurram Shafique (Novateur Research Solutions)

Best Data and Resources Paper

Massive Trajectory Data Based on Patterns of Life (Data and Resources Track)
Hossein Amiri (Emory University)
Shiyang Ruan (George Mason University)
Joon-Seok Kim (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
Hyunjee Jin (Siemens)
Hamdi Kavak (George Mason University)
Andrew Crooks (University at Buffalo)
Dieter Pfoser (George Mason University)
Carola Wenk (Tulane University)
Andreas Züfle (Emory University)

GIS Cup Winner

Diving into Supraglacial Lakes Detection: a Deep Semantic Segmentation Approach
Simon Walther (University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland)
Leonard Cseres (University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland)
Rémy Marquis (University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland)
Bertil Chapuis (University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland)
Andres Perez-Uribe (University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland)

GIS Cup – 2nd Place

Exploring GeoAI Methods for Supraglacial Lake Mapping on Greenland Ice Sheet
Xuanshu Luo (Technical University of Munich, Germany)
Paul Walther (Technical University of Munich, Germany)
Wejdene Mansour (Technical University of Munich, Germany)
Balthasar Teuscher (Technical University of Munich, Germany)
Johann Maximilian Zollner (Technical University of Munich, Germany)
Hao Li (Technical University of Munich, Germany)
Martin Werner (Technical University of Munich, Germany)

GIS Cup – 3rd Place

Enhanced Mapping of Supraglacial Lakes Through Dual-attention Deep Neural Network
Haoran Wang (National University of Singapore, Singapore)
Jiawei Wei (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)
Xiaoyong Gao (National University of Singapore, Singapore)
Dexuan Sha (Coleberry Inc., USA)
Yiyun Luo (Aix-Marseille Universite, France)
Junliu Yang (Cirad-UMR AMAP lab, France)

GIS Cup - 4th Place

A novel application of DUCK-Net for extracting supraglacial lakes in Greenland
Adam Booth (Newcastle University, United Kingdom)
Richard Burke (Newcastle University, United Kingdom)

GIS Cup - 5th Place

Geo-knowledge-informed Deep Learning for Auto-identification of Supraglacial Lakes on the Greenland Ice Sheet from Satellite Imagery
Chen Wei (Zhejiang University, China)
Song Gao (University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA)
Feng Zhang (Zhejiang University, China)

Student Research Competition (Graduate) Winner

Towards Learning of Spatial Triad from Online Text
Jina Kim (University of Minnesota)
Yao-Yi Chiang (University of Minnesota)

Student Research Competition (Graduate) – 2nd Place

TrajGDM: A New Trajectory Foundation Model for Simulating Human Mobility
Chen Chu (State Key Laboratory of Resources and Environmental Information System, Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Hengcai Zhang (Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Feng Lu (State Key Laboratory of Resources and Environmental Information System, Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Student Research Competition (Graduate) – 3rd Place

Towards Disability-Aware Sidewalk Routing
Chan Young Koh (University of Rhode Island)
Abdeltawab Hendawi (University of Rhode Island)

Student Research Competition (Undergraduate) Winner

An Automatic Approach to Finding Geographic Name Changes on Historical Maps
Rhett M Olson (University of Minnesota)
Jina Kim (University of Minnesota)
Yao-Yi Chiang (University of Minnesota)

Student Research Competition (Undergraduate) – 2nd Place

Virtual Graph Neural Networks: A Novel Approach for Building-Agnostic Indoor Positioning System
Mohammed Elkholy (The American University in Cairo)
Hamada Dr. Rizk (Osaka University)
Moustafa Youssef (Alexandria University and Google)

Outstanding Reviewers

Jia Yu (Washington State University)
Betsy George (Oracle America)
Yuxuan Liang (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Guangzhou))
Chenxi Qiu (University of North Texas)
Bruno Martins (University of Lisbon)
Ibrahim Sabek (University of Southern California)
Sabine Storandt (University of Konstanz)
Kevin Buchin (Technical University Dortmund)
Kostas Patroumpas (Athena Research Center)

Outstanding Vice PC Chairs

Dev Oliver (Esri)
Andreas Zuefle (Emory University)
Dalton Lunga (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
John Krumm (University of Southern California)